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10 Signs You Grew Up (and still are) Messianic Jewish

10 Signs You Grew Up (and still are) Messianic Jewish

Messianic Jewish, Hebrew Roots, Hebraic Christians, whatever you choose to call yourself; If you grew up smack dab in the middle of Christianity and Judaism you can probably identify with at least half of these tell tale signs.

1. Everyone you know speaks “Hebglish”

Translation: a combination of English and broken Hebrew words inserted randomly into conversations. But don’t worry, its all tov. We ahava Ivrit!


You’ve pretty much been drinking (with your parents knowledge) since you were like 14. Every Sabbath, Passover, Sukkot. Your Baptist-raised parents found out drinking actually wasn’t a sin and they never looked back.


You’re expected to be married and to have provided three grandchildren by age 23.


You are married and have three children by age 23. #beastmode

5. The Judgement

You’re church feels more like a big (and slightly judgey) family than just your casual church friends. You have your blood aunts and your “Messianic aunts”. And you love them all equally.

6. Kosher

You cried tears of joy when Doritos made their Nacho cheese chips kosher. Because life without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze…

7. Explain yourself

You have a slight panic attack thinking about how you’re going to explain what your religion is to your co-workers.

8. Sukkot

Your best memories usually involve Sukkot with its campfires, friends, and music.

9. Gluten Free

Your family is one or more of these: gluten free, non gmo, organic, grain-free, sugar free, or some other weird diet. Because Monsanto is the Devil.

10. It’s the best.

You can’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to celebrate awesome festivals and rest on the Sabbath. Ok, so some messianics can be a little crazy (like REALLY crazy), but the other ones, we’re just regular people trying have a good life and follow GOD.

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