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6 Ways Busy Mothers Can Draw Close to God

6 Ways Busy Mothers Can Draw Close to God

Wake up, cook, clean, wash, dry, fold, soothe, burp, wipe, change, go to work, go to bed.


Though I wouldn’t have it any other way, these long days and short nights are so packed full of teaching little minds, playing, supporting, and comforting that sometimes it seems impossible to get anything else done.

Once those kids finally go to sleep, the only things that seem appealing are my stretch pants and Netflix.

The last time I did a bible study was two weeks ago at 10pm.

Being a mother takes up so much time and physical and emotional energy. Come sun down, it’s hard to focus on Bible study.

I don’t like the way the busyness of motherhood seems to distract me from my relationship with Yahweh. But caring for my kids is something God created me to do. I sometimes wonder how can I do this incredibly difficult thing when the support of a close relationship with God is so hard to maintain.

There’s good news, mamas.

Mothers can draw close to Yahweh, even on the busiest, messiest, hardest of days.

As my mom in law told me,

We mothers must fight for our relationship with Yahweh.

These are some suggestions for keeping close to Yahweh for the busy, exhausted mama:

1. We Can Be Mindful of Scripture

Writing a bible verse on a piece of paper and hanging it up in the kitchen or living room is a good way to keep scripture at the forefront of your mind. I usually like to hand write the verse because it helps me remember better, but typing and printing it out will do, as well.

I find verses of praise or encouragement to be the best for displaying, but Torah instructions work, too, and they remind us of God’s law and heart.

2. We Can Pray.

We can pray anytime. While playing with the kids. Washing dishes, during work hours.

Pray for your children, pray for your husband, pray for your mental health, pray for understanding. Pray prayers of praise and thanks.

Just taking the time to talk to God can renew that line of communication that’s been a little rusty since you’ve had children.

3. We Can Praise.

Listening to music that points us to God’s word will encourage thoughts of him and what Yahshua did and is doing for us.

Music drawn from bible verses can be a sort of study in themselves. It helps you remember.

Thank God for Spotify playlists!

Instead, be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

– Ephesians 5:18-20

4. We Can Be Thankful

In your head, list off everything single thing you are thankful for. It takes awhile, but it opens your eyes to what has actually been done in your life and reminds you that Yahweh is really with you and has been for awhile.

When I create my lists, sometimes I’ll get distracted or pulled away to help my child, but that’s ok. I’ll either start over or make up a new one.

5. We Can Listen

This has been a life saver for me. No, I don’t get to sit down and study every single night or every single morning, but an audio Bible on my iPhone lets me hear the scripture during my day. You’d be surprised how just hearing the word of God changes your mood.

While I’m cleaning, writing, changing diapers. Sometimes I miss sections because the day gets busy but then I pick it up again later.

6. We Can Love and Take Care of Our Families.

The whole point of following God is to love him and show love to others. If that is not the result of our labor, we’ve done absolutely nothing.

Our spiritual life might look different when we have kids. We might not be able to listen to a three hour teaching or study the Torah every night before bed, but we can always love. And there’s always some time. A five minute audio bible chapter. A three minute song. A once minute prayer.Mothering is the hardest of all work because you are not only trying to shape good people, but also you are bringing up the children of God who must stand up for what is right. You are raising the next generation of Yahweh’s people.

Committing to doing a combination of these things could help you be more mindful of God; even in the midst of family craziness.

We can’t mother without direction from Yahweh. So pray and listen. Give thanks and lots of love.

Get some rest and hang in there, Mama. You’re doing incredible work.

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