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Messianics: The Moses Generation vs. the Joshua Generation

Messianics: The Moses Generation vs. the Joshua Generation


I’ve said a few times that Torah keeping believers in Jesus/Yahshua, “Messianics”, are headed in the right direction.

No doubt it’s been messy; and a lot of people, particularly around my age, are a bit jaded towards certain aspects of the faith.

However, in the last few years, we’ve been hearing people speak out about the arguing. Lots of people have been addressing the effects the contention is having on our young people. Major voices in the movement are talking about what’s wrong with the body of believers.

My generation is being referred to as the Joshua Generation, the ones who made it to the promised land. The first generation of believers are the Moses Generation, the grumblers, the fighters, the judgey ones.

The truth is, a lot people my age look back with bitterness at the destroying of friendships and the senseless drama over Hebrew letters. We are tired of it and we are beginning to see hope through Yahshua and in our futures (now that the two major Messianic End Times dates didn’t come to pass 😂)

We are eager to make a change and grow together.

Leaving the past behind.

But maybe that’s a problem.


We young people have become cynical and somewhat embittered towards the first generation believers.


And for the most part, I think the resentment is easy to understand.

But that doesn’t make it right. Now, there is a sort of rift forming between the first generation believers and younger believers. We say “they forgot the true meaning of Torah; which is to love people”. We claim that we are going to focus more on love than on laws; That we are seeing the heart of God by acting in love.

But I’m asking this: how can we separate the two?

The purpose of Torah was to show people how to love.

The problem comes when people misapply laws and don’t strive to understand God’s heart. What is the lesson behind the law?

The problem is when people act as though they alone possess all of God’s knowledge. Then they look down their noses at brothers with a different understanding.


The problem is people.


And these are the types of people that our Joshua Generation has had to grow up around.

So, naturally, we are sick of it. And we are quite cynical.


But I want to say this:

This rediscovered love we are talking about showing, we also need to show it to the first generation. Yes, those who destroyed our fellowships and those who act like they know everything, too.

Because we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. They are trailblazers. They were the ones who had to fight for their beliefs. They are the ones who left everything to follow God. They were the weirdos in their day.

Our parents taught us about Yahweh. Our parents taught us Torah. Our parents taught us to study our bibles. Our parents taught us to think for ourselves and not just accept whatever our pastor tells us.

The fact that you are here, trying to figure out what it means to really love someone, is proof that the “Moses Generation” did something right.

It’s awful, but sometimes we have to go to a really dark place to be motivated to move forward and go deeper.

We are coming out of the darkness of judgmental pride and trying to deepen our relationship with Yahweh and with our brothers and sisters.

The first generation paved the way for Yahweh to open our eyes to the heart of Torah.

All of God’s people are healing and beginning to change. It’s time to let go of bitterness and move on.

This aggravation and discontentment we are feeling, we are not the only ones feeling it. Our parents have been hurt, too. They have been effected by the loss of friendships, too.

What I’m saying is this. Yes it sucked for a while, but we are changing as a people.


It’s time to stop only talking about what’s wrong with the movement. We’ve got to start doing what is right.


Because, historically, The Joshua generation would have made it into the promised land either way. It wasn’t because they were more righteous, better, or more enlightened.

In fact, as soon as the children got into the land, they sinned and turned away from Yah, just like their parents.

So, the lesson is:


Let’s not get too big for our boots.


Yes, I wrote an article about Why Young People are Leaving the Messianic Faith. Everything I wrote was true. But I urge all of my readers to stick with it. His word is not tiresome or burdensome. Man’s word is.

Everyone has seen the damage and most are trying to become more and more loving. We are becoming less and less divisive. But we can’t forget that all of our effort to change the bad is done standing on the backs of those we are accusing.

We need to realize that God isn’t only speaking to the younger generation. He’s speaking and changing ALL of his people.

We need the first generation for wisdom and guidance. If we could Bridge the Gap between this “us and them” mentality and come together as one people, I think amazing things could happen.

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  1. As an older or Moses Generation I can say that some of us are learning and moving on along with our children. It’s over whelming for this mama to know that Yahweh didn’t leave me in my mess. Yahweh turned my head and my heart when he whispered in my ear Chephzibah, and I am grateful! No longer does this mama look down on others, cause we are all cut from the same cloth, cause when we are cut we all bleed, and cause we all carry around this body of death that wants it’s own way. But praise be to our Father and King who made a way through Yahshua and delivered us from the bondage of judgementalism (sin). Brovo Dani, well written, now if he will give us ears to hear what the spirit is saying… love you sweet girl, keep your eyes fixed on him and run this race hard.

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