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The Future of the Messianic Faith: How and Why it is Changing

The Future of the Messianic Faith: How and Why it is Changing

All grown up are the children of the trail blazing adults. The brave adults who began to question customs, origins, and the whole of their faith.

There is a small generation of young adults who were either born into the Messianic faith or who were very small when their parents discovered it.

It’s no secret that there has been dissension in the faith. But as we learn from our mistakes and grow closer to Yahweh, our hard hearts are beginning to change. I believe God’s people are making progress. In a few years, the body of believers will look much different.

How and why we are changing:

1. Many millennial Messianics grew up amidst emotionally charged theological arguments between adults. Now, everyone is completely exhausted. Some of us are leaving the faith. But those who remain, are exhausted from fighting and torn up fellowships. However, born out of that weariness is a passion to strive for something better: a stronger community.

We are becoming less concerned about exactly every single little detail about how someone keeps a commandment; and more focused on the commonality we share because we both keep it.

We are seeking community and excepting differences of opinion, knowing “that we see through a glass darkly, but then we will see face to face” [1 Corinthians 13:12]. Yahweh will make all things clear soon. We are realizing we can’t be the Holy Spirit for anyone. In our exhaustion, though, we mustn’t become numb to discernment. We must keep standing for what is just. But as for which Hebrew text is the most correct, we’re pretty much over that.

2. No more are we isolating ourselves from people who aren’t Messianic Jews. We are reaching out and building relationships with Christians and Jewish, not to change them, but because we have commonality in our love for God. We are looking to be a light on the hill, not the one under the basket. I see people and their fellowships beginning to have a presence in their communities and striving to make a difference.

Where we are going:

1. The amount of people coming to realize the joys of the sabbath and Yahweh’s festivals is growing. In the future, the growth of our churches/assemblies will continue. More people are coming together, building stronger friendships with diversity and love.

2. Because millennials are passionate about connecting and are very tech savvy, there is a growing sense of community between believers online. People with similar beliefs are connecting across the globe. Mentorships are forming, online prayer groups, Youtube channels and other social media platforms. Torah keeping believers are becoming more and more known. As this continues, we won’t be feeling as alone.

3. Lastly, there seems to be a shift in focus. For our generation, the Torah is ingrained in our lives. Sabbath is like breathing air. You just do it. What I foresee is a more defined culture forming around our faith and our love for Yahshua. The commandments are one expression of our love and they will always be. We know and are completely committed to the milk: thou shalt and thou shalt not. We are now beginning to taste the meat; focusing on challenging things like being a light and how to love your brother.

In reality, God’s commands and desire for His people have never changed: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. We are changing to fit this standard. We are at a turning point. The points mentioned above are just a few of the shifts I see happening. Those of us who are coming of age, we must stay strong and love God in the midst of a world that doesn’t.

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  1. Yes, I agree, there is a change or shift in focus in the Messianic faith. So encouraged that the youth are taking this message (His Light)to the world. LOVE YOU!

  2. Thank you for this! As a mom of two young adults, and our family only being about four years into this new faith walk, this is very encouraging to me. I pray for all of us in this journey to continue to grow in faith and love towards Yahweh and one another.

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