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The Incredible Ministry of Motherhood

The Incredible Ministry of Motherhood

Today I waddled

onto a small elevator after an older gentleman held the doors for me. I felt like I was 8 months pregnant again.

I guided my wiggly two year old into the cramped space whilst my 16 month old daughter was strapped to my front; my giant cram-packed diaper bag swinging like a wrecking ball from my shoulder; threatening anyone who got too close.

“You’ve got your hands full.” He remarked, smiling at my kids.

I nodded a tired mama nod. Then I paused and I straightened up and said. “Yes I do. Full of good things.”

He whole heartedly agreed and began to tell me about his three grandchildren.

Let me tell you this.

Children are good.

Children are good. Our culture doesn’t recognize that. Unfortunately, mamas aren’t immune to subliminal messages sent by our society.

“Full of good things” is something I read in a book called “Mom Enough”. It’s the first time I’d ever used that line after reading it and instantly after saying it, I felt a great sense of pride and identity in my role as a mother. It was a pretty good feeling.

I haven’t been a mom for very long. 2 and a half years, so I’m not speaking to you as someone with a wealth of knowledge or experience or a legion of children in tow. I’m speaking as someone who got her rear end handed to her when she became a mom. I speak to you, mama, who also got knocked down and out by a baby. Imagine that.

Your hands are full of blessings.

Oh, and I know the days can feel so boring sometimes and then the one right after that feels like a war zone and the one after that you’re ensconced in rainbows and butterflies and squishy baby chub and it’s all so wonderful. And then a sleepless night.

It’s easy for my mind to wander towards what it must be like to do exciting work for God. To really be used by him. Like, I don’t know, going on mission trips into the jungle or being active in local ministries. That’s the kind of work I’d like to do. Something that really changes people’s lives.

So I pray to Yah and beg him to show me his will for me. Should I start a business? Should I go to school? Should I get a part time job at the soup kitchen?

Here’s the thing.

Motherhood is ministry.

It’s just not the kind that brings our ego a whole lot of gratification. During those boring or frustrating days, it’s really easy (for me) to wish to be somewhere else, doing “something big”. I desire the type of “ministry work” that is self serving to what I want.

We want to do “God’s work” but only something that takes us to a far away land where we get to serve new people. Where we get to tour a foreign culture.

I want to be apart of a ministry that changes lives. That really puts a dent in the world. Something that is exciting and new and shiny.


No one wants to clean the toilets to serve God’s kingdom. Who wants to do that? And yet, all of God’s people still need to use toilets.

No one wants to sift through dirty laundry for God’s kingdom. And yet, all of God’s people need clean laundry eventually.

So I keep asking Yah what his will is for me. What is the glorious story of Danielle Andrea Kerr, world changer.


That’s what I keep coming back to. Serve your family. Serve your children. Serve even though the days can seem all the same. Serve even though wiping poop off the walls doesn’t really seem like it’s doing anything for Yah’s kingdom. Learn to serve Yah with a joyful heart, regardless of the task he asks you to do.

And cleaning poop off the walls most certainly is doing something for the kingdom. Because if you remove you from your family, all that’s left is chaos. And a chaotic family can’t function.

Our purpose as humans is to serve Yah. I think different seasons of our lives will bring different types of service. I believe mission trips are great. I believe charity events are very needed. But mothers are also needed.

Motherhood is stretching a very selfish soul until it transforms into something new. Something Yah uses to shape and grow little ones who are made in his image.

Motherhood is not what I expected it to be. I expected to love and raise a child. I didn’t expect to be transformed. I didn’t expect that I was selfish. I didn’t expect to feel resentful at times. I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by the love I feel for my kids. I didn’t expect that a little smile could make me so happy. I didn’t expect this to be a lifelong ministry.

And yet, here I am. Here you are, completely and totally submerged in God’s work. It’s good work. It’s hard work. It’s worth it work.

And we need to start treating motherhood like the incredible calling it is.

We need to change our attitude about motherhood. It’s hard, I know, because you do a lot of the same things every day. But being a mother isn’t boring or dull; it’s exciting and always changing. We just have to look at it differently than our culture does. Because with every day, with every child, come new challenges. Challenges that shape us as mothers. Challenges that are key to personal development.

Yah is using us to change the world. We are changing ourselves and we are changing our children. Lives are being impacted.

Mothers are heroic.

You’re doing good, mama. Keep it up.

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