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“The Special Days” Picture Book Fundraiser for Torah Kids!

“The Special Days” Picture Book Fundraiser for Torah Kids!

I’m so excited to announce that I am raising funds to publish a children’s picture book that is specifically geared towards Torah Observant children (ages 0-6 years old) who believe in Yeshua. The book is called “The Special Days” and highlights the joy and blessings that come from celebrating the biblical feast days! 

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To help raise the funds for the book, I have created a 3 song EP of acoustic children’s scriptural music. Those who donate $10 or more will receive the EP, “In the Beginning” AND a picture book from the first shipment of books! 

This is an extremely exciting season for me because I have been walking in Torah since I was about 5 years old. Now, as a mom of 3 little ones, I have noticed that there isn’t much material out there for young Torah Observant children. 

Something that is very important to me is unapologetically embracing and representing the culture that Yah has given to us. And this book does just that! 

There are so many children being born into this faith that there is no reason why they shouldn’t see their Hebrew lifestyle in books, music, and media.

The great thing about this book is that it uses the name of Yah! The name will be represented as YHWH so that every family can say the name how they feel it is pronounced.

Right now, I am saving and gathering the funds to publish and print the book. Children’s books are a lot more expensive to print than books for adults. So if this project is something you believe in, please consider giving a donation. 

All donations will be used to pay the illustrator (Catherine
Shepherd), graphic designer, and for the printing costs of the book.

I hope you can be apart of this exciting journey by supporting this project financially. Sharing via social media and prayer are other ways of helping the project.

Cost break down: 

$600 for graphic design and illustration
$300 for first initial printing 
$100 for shipping and packaging

You can support the project by donating to the GoFundMe Page


sending a donation via your PayPal to danisemailaddress4@gmail.com


you can donate via my Facebook Fundraiser


you can donate by sending to check to

Danielle Kerr

4936 47st South

Apt 109

Fargo, ND 58104

To receive your copy of “In the Beginning” EP please email danikerrbiz@gmail.com and include the name with which your donated.

I will confirm your donation and then send you the music! 🙂


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