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What Being a Young Mom is Really Like

What Being a Young Mom is Really Like

I became a mom at the ripe old age of 19. Totally unprepared was I, for the emotion, the stress, and the overwhelming love I was about to experience.
Often, I am asked “what’s it like to be a mom when you’re so young?” So, to everyone that has begged the question, this is what it is REALLY like to be a young mom.

Being a young mom is reaching. It’s reaching out for the moon. It’s stretching an inexperienced and secretly selfish soul.
It’s expanding your heart so big and so wide that it rips. It tears.
You heal, of course, become better, stronger, and less self absorbed. There are traces, left, though. The scars.

Being a young mom is despising your stretch marks because you’re supposed to be young, beautiful and supple. Like all of your friends. You’re not supposed to have scars on your tummy or on your hips. You’re not supposed to have varicose veins or saggy skin. Not yet at least.
Sometimes I hate the marks, but every time I stay up late, tracing them with my finger in the dark, I’m secretly amazed at what my body did to sustain life.

Being a young mom is experiencing the miracle of life at the same time you’re experiencing the beauty of youth. Sometimes those experiences clash.

Being a young mom is putting baby to bed at 7, like a good mom, and then staying up playing video games until you pass out on the couch at midnight.

Being a young mom is getting stains on your brand new skinny jeans or PINK sweats.

Being a young mom is being silly and making faces and noises while your baby laughs hysterically, even in front of your friends. I dont care, though. He’s my best friend.

Being a young mom is finding out just how much your mother loves you.
It’s grinning because you can’t believe God chose to reward you with the cutest baby you’ve ever seen. He chose me out of all the other women in the world.

But being a young mom is also forgetting little socks or hats on the coldest of days. The kind older ladies in Wal Mart always remind me that I shouldn’t be so careless.

Sometimes being a young mom is so much fun. Like when you’re at the park and you’re so proud of your little guy or gal for going down the slide for the first time. But sometimes it’s selfishly frustrating. Like when all your friends are hanging out late tonight, but you can’t, so they all hang out without you.

Being a young mom is wondering if you’re too young and immature to be a mother, but trying your absolute best anyways.

Mostly, being a young mom is growing up. Like I said, it’s reaching for the moon. But I’ll tell you what. I’ve touched it. I’ve stayed up so late into the night and caught glimpses of shooting stars, those little smiles while he sleeps.

Young moms, we’ve stepped outside of ourselves and found new life and meaning. We’ve seen innocence in its purest form.

No, I dont look like most kids my age because I’m not, I’m a mom.
And at this stage of motherhood I mostly feel extremely blessed.

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